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Soland in the press

The implementation of Soland and generated headlines. We can find more information by collecting the possibilities the business park will provide entrepreneurs and future workers in the area., specializing in site ecology, environment and renewable energy gathered last July 8, 2013: " Abengoa starts the new R+D+Solar I, Soland, in Sanlúcar la Mayor ( Seville )." The medium stated that "the location of R&D in Abengoa Soland relevant technology park by the proximity to the Solucar platform that will serve as a center for attracting solar industry related companies and new materials (nanotechnology ) with a high technological level".

The same day, the REVE Magazine (Magazine Wind and Electric Vehicle ) echoed the news was also made: "Solar thermal: Abengoa opens the center of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal Soland". The specialized media said at the time that "Soland Center has required a total investment of 3.2 M € between direct incentives and financial support of the Ministry of Economy , Innovation, Science and Employment Fund through the generation of productive areas and Grant Global Innovation - Technology-Enterprise 2007-2013 financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF ), both instruments managed by the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia IDEA".

Also the local press reported the inauguration of Soland. El Diario de Sevilla titled: "The Board and inaugurate Abengoa 'Aerópolis renewable'. From one of the mainstream media of Seville stated that "Andalusia has since yesterday with a new technology park, Soland, located in the town of Sanlucar la Mayor, near the Solúcar Abengoa complex and intended fully to the development of renewable energies, the first tenant of the park, with about 152,000 square meters available to companies, is precisely Abengoa, which has moved a hundred engineers of its R & D the only building built for now, the Soland Center".